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August 2017


Is it “showroom,”  “show room,” or “show showroom?” In this case I think I’ll...
August 17, 2017


You never know what you will see when on assignment.  At first I thought...
August 16, 2017

Value Your Team

A company is a team of people working together.  The question is, “What are...
August 15, 2017


Each August the pilgrims pass through Frenchtown on their way to the American Czestochowa...
August 14, 2017
Coffee time

It’s Friday

It’s Friday.  It’s August. It’s still summer. The boss is on vacation…. Have another...
August 11, 2017
Zip Lining

Going to Camp

For some reason it always seem like I’m climbing ladders (or trees or fences...
August 9, 2017

In Gear

While on assignment shooting footage and stills at the Historic Red Mill in Clinton,...
August 9, 2017
Hunterdon County Freeholders' Meeting Room Photo by Bill Brokaw

The Long Tail (revisited)

Stuff we do today will reverberate in our future. Back in 2004 Chris Anderson...
August 8, 2017

Is Your Business LIke a Mushroom?

Mushrooms are funny organisms.  Most of the time they are invisible to us growing...
August 7, 2017
Dating Site Photos

Dating Site Photos

Sometimes, I get to do personal photos for people to use for their dating...
August 4, 2017
Riverfest Vikings


Branding an event is as important as branding your business.  What’s it all about?...
August 3, 2017
Author Headshot

Window Light for Headshots

I love light.  Soft light, natural light, bright light, dim light, light bulb light,...
August 2, 2017
Group Photography

Cool Group Shots

Shooting groups is an art in itself.  Imagine corralling 5, 10, 20 or more...
August 1, 2017
July 2017
Office Viking

I Love Mondays

Mondays are always invigorating, especially after a great weekend.  But I confess, I don’t...
July 31, 2017
Commercial Real Estate Photography

Commercial Real Estate

Large open interior areas can be tricky to photograph.  In fact, any interior area...
July 28, 2017
Minal Sampat, Growth Management Marketingg

Watch what you say!

Headshots can be fun.  All it takes is some imagination and a willingness to...
July 27, 2017
Environmental Headshot

Interesting Headshots

Headshots are, of course, a staple of business.  People expect to see a current...
July 26, 2017


There are many times when we have a full plate in front of us...
July 25, 2017
Chanterelles photographed by Bill Brokaw

Wild Mushrooms

April showers bring May flowers and July showers bring “chanterelles” a delectable, edible wild...
July 24, 2017

Size Limit

What is the size limit for Delaware dogfish?
July 22, 2017

Street Photography

Sometimes you just have to take the plunge and get your feet wet (up...
July 22, 2017
Summer Fun

Summer Swelter, Embrace It!

It’s the peak of summer and time for many to hibernate inside in the...
July 21, 2017


A few years ago I was lucky to discover the documentary, “Jiro Dreams of...
July 20, 2017

Exploring the Waters

The Delaware River is not exactly known for its coral reefs and sunken treasure...
July 19, 2017

Street Photography

Local events like festivals, parades, fairs etc. are especially great for practicing street photography....
July 18, 2017

The lesson of the white chicory

Creating macro botanical images for scientific stock is one of my specialites.  I have...
July 17, 2017

There is No Fun Like Work

If you’ve followed your gut when choosing your career path then the joy really...
July 14, 2017

Power Portraits

Executive portraits can be more than a nice PR photo showing great dental work....
July 13, 2017
Google Views Of Brokaw Photography Photos

Getting your business viewed

  One of my business segments is being a certified Google Trusted photographer, trained...
July 12, 2017

Photo Ops For Business

There are photo opportunities all around us, every day,  unlimited ways we can market...
July 11, 2017

Lifestyle photography

We all love candids, good candids of our friends and family having fun, being...
July 10, 2017
A real street photograph

Street Photography

Street photography is very popular, pretty much always has been since folks like Henri...
July 9, 2017

Photo Exhibit

Photography is about vision.  The stronger the vision, the better the photo. I often...
July 7, 2017

Coming up for Air

A refreshing swim is, well, refreshing.  A vigorous swim is invigorating.  Diving in headfirst...
July 5, 2017

Joy of Photography

The world population is now at about 7.5 billion and I’m guessing about 7.4...
July 4, 2017
April 2017

Workshop Information 2017

BROKAW PHOTOGRAPHY SUMMER WORKSHOPS 2017 Bill Brokaw brings over 40 years of photography experience and...
April 19, 2017