COVID continues to surprize but not delight us. It is giving us all a crash course in genetic mutation. The Delta and Omicron variants are sweeping the globe and dominating the headlines, but there are certainly more variants out there that don’t make the news, maybe because they affect smaller populations or aren’t dangerous to humans.

The FIAT variant is one of the more unusual mutations. Not only are the viruses incredibly large, they only seem to infect tiny cars. Symptoms are relatively mild: difficulty starting, embarrassing backfires and acne. Currently, it is not know if cars infected will suffer long FIAT.

Automakers have been working on a vaccine but their efforts are feeble. Tiny cars are a minority and projected profits from a vaccine for them is not likely to exceed the cost of development. Of course we all know this will change dramatically if the FIAT variant mutates into an SUV variant.

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