1918 PPE

It wasn’t the first pandemic, but it was a big one. The precursor to our 2020-2021-20?? one. Many lessons were learned and then ignored, discarded. Too restrictive. Too hard. Too expensive. Too inconvenient.

But it was a time of innovation. Humans have a way of stepping up when their survival is threatened. Many inventions were created, manufactured and then forgotten. The A-1064 nose breather was a marvel. Though a little awkward it miraculously purified air for the user. Not only was it good for microbial and viral elements it could also remove toxins, poisonous gases, and odors.

Unfortunately, only about 1000 of these were manufactured. and were then destroyed. The company, UNINOSE, was purchased by a mysterious consortium that went by the acronym UJENIKS, that dismantled the manufacturing facility and then rehired all the workers as farm labor to pick vegetables.

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