I found it the attic one night. It was in a sealed metal box that was welded shut.

It had a bright orange biohazard warning on it. On the top was a another warning: “DO NOT OPEN THIS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES – HIGHLY DANGEROUS.”

I thought wow, this is really something and ran downstairs to get my torch. It took about an hour to cut through the thick metal box. Inside was another metal box with a skull and crossbones on it so I cut that one open, too.

Immediately, a thick fog started coming out. I could also hear what sounded like screams and moaning. The fog had a musky odor and started filling the attic. It clung to me. I felt I was being enveloped by some strange energy. I could hear voices in my head and I started feeling woozy.

I stood up, reached inside and pulled out a small machine with mysterious arcane symbols. I could feel the fog seeping into my lungs and my blood creating a sense of dread and panic.

I took it down to my living room and let it run while I watched a couple of movies on Netflix. I must have dozed off and when I woke up, all the lights and the TV were off, but I could see the fog which was glowing..

I also could see things swimming around in it. The dread and panic I felt earlier had increased and morphed into a kind of bizarre, evil feeling. I felt powerful and wicked. I went into the darkened bathroom and could see my fiery eyes in the mirror. I was hoping the comedies I watched on Netflix would help, but they weren’t very good.

So I put on my PJs and crawled into bed.

Demon-like beings came to me in my sleep drawing me to them. They infused themselves in my soul. I could feel myself becoming one of them. I no longer felt human. I became part of something larger.

The next morning I got up and made a nice little omelet. The fog had permeated the entire house. I lost all sense of direction, space and time, so I made some coffee. Coffee always helps.

I drifted into the living room and located the fogger which was still pumping out the thick and musky fog which now had a strong sulfur smell. I reached down to pick it up and a deep voice inside my head screamed a warning.

I don’t remember exactly what it said.

As I carried it across the room entities in the fog started wrapping themselves around me and eating into my mind.

I quickly put it down and felt my way to the kitchen for some more coffee. I also has a couple of mini chocolate doughnuts which really hit the spot.

I was starting to think that this fogging thing was a little weird. I opened the windows and the entities quickly escaped. I carried the box outside and the fog drifted up into the trees and wilted all the leaves.

It was garbage day so I put it on the curb for the guys to pick up. They came along and threw it in the truck. (They’ll take anything around here.) I watched the truck drive down the street with the fog flowing out, wilting trees and taking the paint off of parked cars. The garbage truck was on fire.

I still felt the demons in my soul and could hear the voices in my head. I went back inside and found the power was back on so I turned on some fans to clear out the rest of the entities and watched some Good Morning America.

I wonder what that thing was.

There is another sealed metal box just like it in the attic. I figured I would check that one out later, after the weather.

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