New Jersey is well known for its peaches and tomatoes but not as well known for its pork. As far as I know, there aren’t many giant hog farms in the state with huge lakes full of pig shit, but that doesn’t mean the garden state doesn’t do pigs, primarily the veggie kind. Maybe it’s why we are called the Garden State instead of the pig shit state.

NJ has the perfect climate for growing Suidaeum trees. These are fairly small (2-3 meters tall) woody plants that are easily propagated and grown in orchards. They can be planted very close to one another allowing farmers to grow many on small plots, up to 500 trees per acre. No trimming, pesticides or fungicides are needed for these hearty trees making them naturally organic. Many people have one or two growing along the edge of their property. Deer do not like them.

Each tree produces one small pig per season. Because they are vegetables (technically a fruit), there are no internal organs but there is a giant pit which tastes very much like heart and is quite popular among people who live near the NJ Turnpike, exits 1 through 13A.

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