Eat 109 pounds of meat in one hour and win $2000. You can bring some friends so you each only need to eat about 11 pounds. Imagine taking a week or two worth of food and swallowing all of it within about an hour. I suppose that works fine if you are a python. If you break it down it’s the equivalent of eating a meatball every twenty seconds.

I don’t know if anyone ever won it and survived. If they did, the diner won’t let them compete again. I don’t know what their policy is on seconds or if they serve dessert with it. My guess is that you don’t finish your 109 pound burger you don’t get dessert


This challenge reminds me of the Monty Python “Mr.Creosote” scene from The Meaning of Life.

Below is a link to the “Mr.Creosote” scene. Be warned that if you watch this you will never forget it. It is brilliant and very likely, the most revolting thing you will ever see. It’s totally “Python.”

Click below to see this most remarkable scene, it begins in a very upscale restaurant with a lovely song by the piano player.

Again, be warned You cannot “un-see” this.

Enjoy your after dinner mint.


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