They grew up watching The Wild One, Easy Rider and watching Evil Knievel break all the bones in his body. They bought Hondas and tried to become Hell Angels. The Angels just beat them up and set their bikes on fire.

That set them back but they persevered.

They saved up as much money as they could and bought mopeds to tour the country from Green Slime, NJ to LA. They planned their route, packed all their gear and set out one summer morning. They got as far as Pennsylvania where an Amish farmer ran them off the road, beat them up and set their mopeds on fire.

They were becoming true road warriors. Their mothers came to pick them up and took them home.

Undaunted and battled hardened they got tough guy jobs pumping gas so they could buy Harleys.

It took about 40 years but they finally got them and set out to tour the country. Unfortunately, each of them has a health condition and they are afraid to ride anymore than an hour from home in case something flares up.

Never ones to give up on a dream they cruise every weekend looking for America.

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