The Hubble telescope continues to surprise us with images of mysterious things out there in the vast universe. One of the most recent findings is a high resolution image of an extinct volcano on the moon Oris which orbits Jupiter. Oris is nearly the size of Earth and is tectonically active.

This image shows extinct volcano HN397 found near the equator. Scientists have determined the white coating is ice which may have originated as snow. Oris has a thin atmosphere which may have been thicker and may have supported snow in the ancient past.

What is fascinating about this image are the channels inside the volcano which appear to have been intentionally constructed rather than formed naturally. Numerous computer models were run and every one of them indicate that these could not have been formed any other way.

Both NASA and the Chinese are racing to build a robotic probe that can withstand Jupiter’s atmosphere and gravity and investigate this apparent evidence of extraterrestrial life. Either that or it’s a hoax.

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