The Third Eye Detectives

When you have a mystery to solve, a killer to capture, an unfaithful spouse to spy upon, you need more than a guy in gum shoes.

You need an enlightened psychic sleuth. You need someone who leverages the metaphysical, extra-paranormal realm to reveal the truth.

Madam Gladys Ettyburg has solved every case she’s ever been handed without even leaving her lair.

She knows who you are and what you want before you ask. She also knows how much money you have, where you live and how desperate you are to solve your problem. Don’t try to haggle. You will be sorry.

Once you’ve walked in that door you are committed. Madam Gladys will simple stare into your eyes. You may feel a slight sense of discomfort as your soul is scanned. She will then explain to you in detail what you had intended to explain to her. She will lay out your problem and offer her services at a specific price point.

You know you have no choice but to pay. Madam Gladys has gleaned things about you that you certainly prefer no one else know. You know she knows.

She does not take credit cards, checks or Venmo. Only gold coins which can be purchased next door at Harry’s Gold Coin Emporium.

Once you’ve paid, she bids to to take your leave. It is unsettling. You are now out $500–600 and have no idea if you are being scammed. Maybe. Maybe not.

After a few days you begin to wonder what’s going on and return to get an update, but Madam Gladys won’t tell you. Instead she gives you a joint and says have a few tokes before bedtime.

Well, sure, why not. It’s good stuff. You slip into a dreamy mellow mood and fall asleep.

That’s when Madam Galdys reveals everything you want to know. When you wake up you find pages of notes in your own handwriting. Your case is solved.

Hopefully you can read your own handwriting.

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