It is hard to believe, but this stuff is entirely legal in Pennsylvania.

It’s off-the-shelf, over-the-counter available everywhere. You don’t need a permit or a prescription.

You do need to show ID, though. Kids eat this stuff but they are not allowed to buy it. That wouldn’t be right.

This cereal makes a great, breakfast smoothie, for adults. Kids can just eat it raw, from the box, washed down with Coke.

For my morning smoothie I blend 12 oz of coffee, some sugar, cream, honey, molasses, chocolate syrup, butter, soft cheese, a Red Bull and two cups of cereal. I add more coffee if it is too thick.

This gets me up and helps me roar through the morning. I have a second one for lunch and am good to go for the whole day.

I then have a good solid dinner and top off the evening with tall glass of Nyquil and some Netflix.

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