It can happen anywhere. We are living on a dynamic planet. Volcanic eruptions are part of the deal.

Most volcanoes are located in areas where tectonic plates meet, especially at convergent boundaries. The emergence or activation of a volcano can be sudden and unpredictable. Being dynamic, the earth is unpredictable too. We don’t know everything there is to know and it often surprises us.

Locals in Bedminster Township, PA were very surprised when a tiny riff opened and burped out a bit of granular lava. recently. There was a big bang at about 3:15 am, people were alarmed and the 911 lines lit up. As police responded to the calls they discovered the damage to one of the local roads. By the time they got there the eruption was over and the granular lava already cooling down.

USGS volcanologists visited the next day with all their fancy seismic and volcanic equipment. They swarmed all over taking measurements and photos and produced a bunch of 8×10 glossy photos with circles and arrows and a description on the back of each one.

When asked what the hell happened and could it happen again, they said, probably, maybe, they don’t really know.

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