Most meat processing was done in China for the longest time We’d grow and kill the pigs, sheep, chickens, goats, donkeys, squirrels, etc. and then ship them frozen to waiting saws and knives in the far east.

But when the supply chain started getting strained, entrepreneurs quickly saw an opportunity to bring this processing business back home.

To make it cost efficient the processing process was automated as much as possible. It is amazing how much meat can be processed in a short time by razor wielding robots. This extraordinary production required some infrastructure upgrading.

In Kearny, one of the centers of the new meat processing industry, special canals were built to transport the processed meat to waiting small dump trucks that take it to delicatessens all around the metro area. A dumptruck can hold about 5 tons of loose meat which the delis store in their former coal bins.

Squirrel is especially popular among Romono-Americans. Donkey is usually sold as roast beef (tastes the same).

American ingenuity is always wonderful to behold.

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