Sal was quite a ladder dancer in his day. Women drove from miles around to see his act and maybe climb up a rung or two and tuck dollars in the waistband of his shorts..

He originated ladder dancing which was widely imitated in ladies-only strip clubs.

It actually started with a burned out light bulb back in the 80s. Sal was rather buff back then when he was working for the G Spot in Kearny NJ. He was a bulb maintenance technician.

There were a lot of bulbs to maintain at the G Spot and he was frequently seen screwing in new units and shaking his cute, rock hard tush to the music. The ladies loved it and started bringing slingshots and bb guns to shoot out the lights so Sal would have to get up there and they would get a chance to see him shake his things. He wore loose fitting shorts and usually went camo.

It wasn’t long before the owner saw his potential and made him a main act.

He performed on all kinds of ladders, Werner, Louisville, Little Giant, Bailey, etc. He became especially well known for his triple step ladder trick. The ladies always got a good view when he pulled this one off.

As they say, that was then and this is now. In the 90s, the G Spot was demolished and replaced by a Cream Pie Factory Chain Restaurant.

Sal packed up his ladders and eventually found lightbulb work on Broadway. But, then LED bulbs made him obsolete.

He never recovered and started wandering the streets with his favorite ladder, the Bailey model FS13432 Trade Dual Purpose Stepladder . He’d find a busy corner, climb to the top and shake his thing, but no one looked up. One day someone saw him setting up his ladder outside their building and gave him some paint and a brush and asked him to do some touch up. He found a new trade.

He’ll never regain his tight-tush glory days as any middle age man can appreciate, but he can still dance.

He does a good job for a fair price but if you hire him, don’t let him wear shorts.

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