07 Dec 2021


Not much left of old glory. Only 28 stars and two stripes. Weathered and beaten. Only the styrofoam survives intact.

06 Dec 2021


I’m not sure about this one. Is it a typo. Is there an apostrophe missing? Did Jesus incorporate as an LLC?

05 Dec 2021


“Texas tea” to steal a line from the Beverly Hillbillies. The fossil fuel industry obviously knows there is supposedly a movement towards less dependence on oil, although they are pumping more every year with no sign of slowing down. But they’re smart and know eventually the climate crisis is going to catch up with them so they’ve been innovating and innovating BIG. What they have come up with is genetically engineered grass that somehow grows oil. As we all know […]

04 Dec 2021


The must have toy for 2021, AI dolls. They look innocuous and frankly they look pretty cheap and uninspired. They are simply extruded pink flexible plastic with some hair attached, but it’s what inside that counts. These dolls have micro hydraulics allowing them to move their limbs and more astonishing, they have a computerized control center with artificial intelligence allowing the dolls to “learn.” At first the dolls do nothing as the AI collects data. The eyes are little cameras […]

03 Dec 2021


When we think of ancient remains we usually think of Egypt, the far east or the Jungles of South America, but there are mysterious ancient ruins to be found throughout North America. Many of these ruins predate, by thousand of years, the indigenous nations that were here when white colonists showed up in their wooden boats looking for riches. The ancient history of North America is murky but archaeologists have identified a few civilizations including the Mayo people, who thrived […]

02 Dec 2021


It can happen anywhere. We are living on a dynamic planet. Volcanic eruptions are part of the deal. Most volcanoes are located in areas where tectonic plates meet, especially at convergent boundaries. The emergence or activation of a volcano can be sudden and unpredictable. Being dynamic, the earth is unpredictable too. We don’t know everything there is to know and it often surprises us. Locals in Bedminster Township, PA were very surprised when a tiny riff opened and burped out […]

01 Dec 2021


You never know if you can believe that non-physical beings can communicate by talking through a physical being. I’ve read a few books that were reportedly written this way and am open minded about it. After what I saw recently I’m convinced. I stepped out of my studio one day and encountered Avery talking to Frank who was busy transcribing everything Avery said. Avery’s voice was a low, powerful baritone but he certainly did not look like he would have […]

30 Nov 2021


It started as something for a science fair and has since become the greatest, latest technology for reversing the buildup of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Like many kids, Kyle is unnerved by the dire predictions for his future. He’s also clever. Motivated by other young people like Greta Thunberg, he decided he’d do something more than worry so he invented a CO2 extractor that everyone could use. He showed it to me and explained the principles. The extractor is […]

29 Nov 2021


It is not widely known but upper Bucks County, Pennsylvania is the world center for manufacturing small submarines. These aren’t the billion dollar babies built to launch nuclear weapons and destroy the world, but instead are used for recreation. (They don’t fire torpedos either. ) You can pick up one of these subs for under $5,000. They are great for deep lakes and can be used in the ocean, too. They only hold one person and can stay down for […]

28 Nov 2021


I’ve had a little down time lately and thought I’d start a new business. They say you should do what you love and I found the perfect business. I even came up with a catchy name.