I don’t hate fishing. I just don’t think I like it. It has a romantic aura. Dip your line peacefully in calm water. Relax and wait patiently. Feel a nibble and catch a prize. What’s not to like?

It’s more slippery than it’s image. First you have to bait the hook, maybe by torturing a poor earthworm and then drowning it. If it survives long enough underwater, it may then have half its body bitten off by a hungry fish.

If that fish is really hungry it will chomp into that hooked worm only to discover a sharp barbed piece of metal.

Once hooked, the fish gets yanked towards the surface where it can’t breath. It finds itself flopping around instead of swimming, experiencing sharp pain from the hook and gasping for air. If the fish is big enough, it gets saved, slowly suffocating and then gets gutted maybe while it is still alive.

Fishing. Such a peaceful pastime.

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