Americans excel at some things. Leading the world and being so far out in front that it is hard to imagine anyone ever catching up.

The things we excel at have changed over time. Maybe we aren’t the smartest, the most democratic, the most tolerant, the kindest, most equal, healthiest, leanest or the happiest bunch but we are exceptional at proliferating. We got stuff. Lottsa stuff.

We got so much stuff we can’t fit it all in our attics, basements and garages. Even our rented storage spaces fill up.

Storage rental is a 40 billion dollar a year industry. Almost real money. Storage space, just for storing stuff, is about 1.9 billion square feet. That would be more than 55 Frenchtowns chock full of extra stuff not being used.

But never fear, an army of entrepreneurs are on the job doing what needs to be done. Throwing shit away. Instead of storing for later use (maybe) it’s being forever stored in ginormous mounds or being reduced to ash, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and bunches of other non breathable gases.

What is life without stuff? Living.

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