If you are in business, whether your own business or part of a larger enterprise, chances are you need a photo of yourself for many reasons.  What works best for you, a headshot or a business portrait (also called executive portrait).

Headshots show what we look like.  Business portraits say who we are.

Many people settle for a headshot.  It is fairly easy to do and if well done, make a great impression.  Headshots are done in a studio setting with controlled lighting and background.  This is often the best choice when a company wants photos of all their employees as it can be done efficiently and provide uniformity.

A business portrait can be far more powerful than a simple headshot.  A business portrait is done “in context” with the intent of telling a story.  There are no formulas and the settings are mostly uncontrolled.  It is the vision of the photographer that makes it work.  A business portrait sends a message.

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