They look totally real. Driving past, you’d never suspect they were grown in a lab. But if you stop to offer them a carrot or to take a picture, things become weird. They don’t move.

They aren’t statues. They’re hairy and smelly but they aren’t your sperm-meets-egg cows.

They are the latest innovation in lab-grown beef.

Knowing the public is wary about fake food, the food science industry has developed a way to create a cow-shaped impossible burger. 🍔 They reason that if it looks like real food, people will eat it.

Putting them outside in a field to cure is the final step of the process. It’s revolutionary. There is even a team working on creating impossible manure.

Of course, don’t expect impossible cow at your grocer anytime soon. More refinement is needed. Currently it costs roughly $10,000 per pound to produce one cow which weighs in at about 1500 lbs and of that 1500 lbs only about 100 lbs is edible. So it’s still a bit pricey.

They are also working on the flavor. As you might expect, they taste like chicken.

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