It started as something for a science fair and has since become the greatest, latest technology for reversing the buildup of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Like many kids, Kyle is unnerved by the dire predictions for his future. He’s also clever. Motivated by other young people like Greta Thunberg, he decided he’d do something more than worry so he invented a CO2 extractor that everyone could use. He showed it to me and explained the principles.

The extractor is designed to be attached to a bicycle and requires no power except muscle power. As the rider increases the speed of the bike, the wheels create a micro quantum vortex that slightly shifts the CO2 molecule’s nuclear bond just enough to break the carbon and oxygen atoms apart resulting simple carbon and gaseous oxygen. The carbon is deposited wherever the rider is riding and the oxygen escapes into the atmosphere.

By relying on quantum vortex it is extremely efficient and can convert a ton of CO2 during a simple ride around the block. The gauge shows how many tons are converted per ride.

Kyles made about 15 of these in his garage so far and is giving them out to friends. His older brother, Blatan, is building a manufacturing plant in the backyard where they expect to produce about 100 of these per day to start.

They will soon sell for $29.95 on ETSY. For more information visit their website: CO2DESTROYER.com

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