It’s the latest in robotic entertainment. Some creative techies have hacked Roombas into dancing robots that you can ride. And they are so colorful.

When activated you can sit on these and slowly they will rise up on three-foot legs and start doing the Rhumba. You better have good balance because there’s not much top hold onto. It’s quite a sight when all four are in action.

You can only ride them at the Wild Grape Ballroom in Walnutport along the Lehigh River in PA. Each ride costs $100 and despite the steep cost, people line up to experience the thrill. Unfortunately, there aren’t any videos to link to and I was not allowed to photograph them or video them myself. People are required to surrender their cell phones before entering the ballroom and are thrown out the window into the river if they try to take a photo.

So I guess you’ll just have to take my word for it that these things are amazing.

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