Trevor didn’t start out to be a daredevil. He suffered from Thrill Creep, always looking for a bigger rush.

It started when his parents bought him a trampoline, one of the most dangerous lures for people subject to TC. All it takes is a few bounces to trigger it and Trevor was no exception. Once he got on the tramp all he wanted to do was to bounce higher and higher.

It wasn’t long before he mastered bouncing and was soaring more than 20 feet in the air. All the kids in the neighborhood came to watch him launch himself to ridiculous height. Having an audience stimulated his TC and he started doing tricks like juggling flaming torches as he bounced.

Pretty soon he was jumping off the roof to get more bounce and adding cats to the flaming torches he juggled.

But that just wasn’t thrilling enough . He wanted to go higher and convinced a local pilot to take him up for some skydiving. He put on a parachute but had no plans to use it. It was just for show.

When the plane was directly over the trampoline he dove out, head first, without opening the parachute

About 300 kids were gathered on the ground looking up in awe as he descended, doing flips and juggling cats (the pilot wouldn’t allow torches).

His aim was perfect and he landed right in the middle of the trampoline. Unfortunately, the force of his impact destroyed it and it caved in. Fortunately he landed on the cats which cushioned his fall and saved his life. (Not so much the cats.)

That was the end of his thrill seeking. A wash-up at only 6 years old.

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