How many of your best garments are labelled “Dry Clean Only?”

I usually only wear jeans, sweatshirts and cheap polyester polos but I do have a nice suit. It cost me 40 bucks at the local thrift store and is one of them “dry clean only” garments.

One day when I was eating some mega fries, I spilled a bucket of ketchup on it. The red ketchup went well with the yellow suit but it got really crusty when it dried so I took it to a dry cleaner.

It was expensive. I couldn’t imagine having to clean a lot of my clothes that way but I suppose that classy people do.

Recently, I noticed that my neighbor is giving away his home dry cleaner along with a drum of custom dry cleaning solvent. If you need a lot of dry cleaning this could save you a bundle of cash. Send me an email I’ll get my neighbor to hold this one for you.

The solvent is banned in the US but is readily available on the dark web.

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