Special Team

Dr. Jody Serra, owner of the Center for Natural Wellness offers a range of chiropractic services from adjustments for children and adults to special concierge treatment for NFL athletes.  Jody and his team provide different approaches to their various patients based on their individual needs.

Like most business owners, Jody recognizes the need to frequently update and refresh his web presence and so scheduled an afternoon to get some new business portraits.

We discussed standard, studio-based headshots (which are always a great standby) but Jody wanted to push the envelope a little to create some different looks that he and his team can use for reaching different audiences and offering some of their different services.

Many of us in the small business community can relate to this.  We are often quite diverse with a variety of skill sets that appeal to different clientele.   Keep this in mind when thinking about your marketing plan.  You can have more than one look.



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