This is water hemlock. A close relative to poison hemlock. It’s not something you might want to use for tea (unless you are ancient Greek philosopher).

Not to be confused with hemlock fir, which is a tree, a conifer, and not any more poisonous than other confirs as far as I know.

Herbaceous hemlocks are part of the nefarious parsnip gang. Many of them are known to make you very sorry you ever made their acquaintance. Like the Costra Nostra they move in on a territory and start to take it over. They play rough.

There are also yellow parsnip and giant hogweed which will burn the crap out of you if they come in contact with your skin.

Yellow parsnip
Yellow Parsnip – Photo of Owen Williams
Giant Hogweed
Giant Hogweed – Photo by Terry English/USDA

So when frolicking in the meadows this summer simply wear a full body Tyvek suit, Neoprene gloves, boot covers and a face shield. You’ll be fine

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