I like Earth Day. I remember when it started and think it is a great idea. I’m a member of the Green Party.

I keep an ecology flag flying outside my studio. It’s the one in the picture above. This shot is from April 22, 2020. We were in lockdown. Frenchtown was quiet. No stores or restaurants open. Just some take out. It was breezy and I thought I’d set up my flag somewhere and get a photo of it flying in the wind.

It wasn’t quite working out and then a friend walk by and I got an idea to recreate a photo I had taken a few years earlier during Riverfest when I recruited Mike Tyksinski to wave the flag proudly.

The symbol which looks like the Greek letter theta is a blend of O for organism and E for ecology. Wikipedia credits Betsy Boze, a 16 year old environmental advocate, with being among the first people to fly the flag in a public venue, her high school. The school initially denied her request but then Betsy sought and received authorization from the Louisiana Legislature and Louisiana Governor. Nice!

Today is Earth Day.

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