The notorious tomato hornworm is not well regarded amongst gardeners. Many of them are all too happy to douse them with Sevin Insect Killer to wipe them out, eradicate them, remove them from the face of the earth and save their tomatoes. Others like to use less chemically invasive methods like poisoning them with bacteria or unleashing parasites. What many people don’t know is that tomato hornworms are nature’s performers with many talents.

They can reportedly sing but only other insects and birds can hear them. I’ve also heard they can also play several instruments and sometimes form bands and go on mini tours. It is rare to actually witness this, though. I’ve never seen it or seen video or photos but it’s true. It’s a fact.

I have seen some of their acrobatic shows, though. It’s not impressive from a human perspective but they do a good job for their intended audiences. The problem is that the applause often attracts birds which often abruptly put and end to the shows.

Tomato hornworm performing stand up.

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