For my whole life I was confused about Christmas. One story is about a holy baby in the mideast and the other is about a generous man in a red suit from the arctic. Which one is true? You’ll find people who say both stories are myths but they aren’t.

Anthropologists and archeologists have found evidence that there was a fourth wise man who travelled to Bethlehem bearing gifts. He had a whole sack of them for the baby, mostly toys and some colorful onesies.

In a blatant show of prejudice, the arctic wise man was barred from entering the manger to offer his gifts. He was considered to be unclean, undesirable and unworthy. He laughed to much, his eyes twinkled (was it drugs?) and his weird looking team of camels had antlers.

History is imperfect and frequently distorted by those who want to control the narrative. As a result the arctic wise man was totally left out of the Christmas story. However, scientists are relentless in uncovering truths and we can thank them for unearthing evidence of reindeer footprints, sleigh tracks and a sack of toys at the site of the manger.

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