Shared Vision


I talk to a lot of business people and I know how much everyone cares about the services and products they provide.  This is their vision.  Their clients and customers also have a vision.  They want products and services that satisfy them.  When we share our visions with other people’s visions, that’s when magic happens.

We all have visions for ourselves and for our businesses.  Visions are what we want to see happen.  We want to grow, we want to serve, we want to be happy and make other people happy.

As a commercial photographer, I am essentially a visual marketer.  My clients know how they feel about their businesses and come to me to put it in a photo.

My job is to understand their vision, mix it up in my brain and blend it with my own vision.  I gather up my equipment, spin the dials, add some secret sauce and then point and shoot away.   Always, always I want to meet that objective, expressing their vision.

I recently received one of the most satisfying emails a photographer could get.  Just one sentence. “These pictures are great and the shot I was looking for is there! Perfect

Gotta love it.


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