Everyone knows time travel is a fantasy. It makes for great books and movies but anyone who believes it is possible hasn’t studied the equations.

Totally impossible. It cannot happen. Time is too sticky. We are all stuck in the present

But that doesn’t mean you can’t see into the future. Idio’s future view camera not only sees into the future it can take a picture.

He can point it at anything, dial in the date and see the scene as it will appear at that time. So far he hasn’t figured out what to do with it.  Why would anyone want to see into the future?  What could be there that would be of interest that you won’t see eventually?

He just putters around with it taking photos now and then. I asked him how it works. He looked at me like I was a complete idiot and said you focus it and click the shutter.

I wanted to see through it and asked if I could check it out if I bought him a quad long shot grande in a venti cup half calf double cupped no sleeve salted caramel mocha latte with 2 pumps of vanilla?

He said that would work if they added 2 pumps of white chocolate mocha for mocha and substitute 2 pumps of hazelnut for toffee nut half whole milk and half breve with no whipped cream extra hot extra foam extra caramel drizzle extra salt add a scoop of vanilla bean powder with light ice well stirred.

No problem.

An hour later I brought him his drink and took a look through the camera.  As I dialed I could see the streetscape change, businesses coming and going, cars changing into hover crafts, people getting fatter and fatter. 

It was interesting. I just wish I had known about the side effects. The camera’s radiation or quantum flux or whatever changes your brain chemistry.  After using it you can see into the future just by thinking.

It’s very addictive. You end up doing it all the time.  It’s worse than scrolling a cell phone and just as useless.   

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