When we think of ancient remains we usually think of Egypt, the far east or the Jungles of South America, but there are mysterious ancient ruins to be found throughout North America. Many of these ruins predate, by thousand of years, the indigenous nations that were here when white colonists showed up in their wooden boats looking for riches.

The ancient history of North America is murky but archaeologists have identified a few civilizations including the Mayo people, who thrived in the mid Atlantic region stretching to the Ohio River.

Surviving Mayo monuments are small and rare and they share a remarkable consistency throughout the entire region, a pyramid with a cube. Scholars speculate that this represents the arrival of the god Quewbix on the sacred mountain Illuminatos, believed to be in western Pennsylvania.

Scientist have deduced the meaning of these monuments by laser scanning to create 3D images of the markings on the pyramids and feeding the data into a supercomputer.

The data indicate that when Quebix descended from the great cosmos and alighted on Illuminatos, a multitude of small wriggling, worm-like beings emerged and spread over the land morphing into all the plants and animals on earth, including man. The earthworm was deified and worshipped by the Mayo. A few worm-like ruins have been found surrounded by piles of artifacts that resemble butter knives. They are believed to be ceremonial sites.

There is so much to learn about the history of this land. I wonder why we were never taught this in school.

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