The must have toy for 2021, AI dolls.

They look innocuous and frankly they look pretty cheap and uninspired. They are simply extruded pink flexible plastic with some hair attached, but it’s what inside that counts.

These dolls have micro hydraulics allowing them to move their limbs and more astonishing, they have a computerized control center with artificial intelligence allowing the dolls to “learn.”

At first the dolls do nothing as the AI collects data. The eyes are little cameras and they have microphones hidden under the hair. They are always on. There is no off switch. Gradually, they begin to move and talk in response to being played with. They start to come alive, so to speak.

Little by little they begin to act like a baby or a toddler to the delight of the children who play with them.

It’s a little spooky for adults, but kids have never heard of Chucky.

The manufacturers, Tsing Hai International, insists the AI is quite limited and the dolls will only progress to a certain point. Their lifespans are also limited to 5 years because the batteries are sealed in and non rechargeable. The dolls are also recyclable. When the battery dies you simply return it and receive a $100 in return. Nothing to worry about here.

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