Are you selling features or an experience?

I think we all know that our clients want a positive experience from what offer, whether it’s a product or a service.

ONE THEATER SQUARE APARTMENT COMPLEX NEWARKDranoff Properties is building a high rise, luxury apartment complex just across from NJ Performing Arts Center in Newark with no shortage of features.  It knows how important quality features are to people and it also knows that people want a quality living experience.

It is a little early in the process to show the apartments, unless you are looking for that ultra, ultra hip, totally-pleine-air, under-construction look, but it is a great time to show the views.  There is a lot to see.

We recently spent a beautiful, early autumn day riding the construction lift from floor to floor to get panoramic views from the different levels.  The building is situated in an ideal location and has unrestricted views all around.  It is quite an experience and I am sure the future residents will enjoy seeing the world around them throughout the seasons.


I thought this was a great example of a business expressing how its clients will experience what it has to offer.  While not the real thing, it certainly offers taste of what they will enjoy when they live here.  They won’t have to wear hard hats, though.

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