Here is a salute to parking lot cowboys, who chase down the strays and drive the herds. It’s 365 day-a-year job. No matter what the weather is, those carts are always on the move and need wrangling.

Sometimes they get away and get lost, wandering into the retention basin or rolling out onto the street. It isn’t unusual for find a stray cart, far from herd in the woods or down by a stream. They must have an instinct to head to water. It’s the wranglers’ job to keep them safe and in service.

Then there are cart thieves who will grab one and use it for thrill seeking. Many a cart has met a tragic end careening down a city street at 40-50 miles per hour (not to mention the impact on the rider). The best of the best, the looniest of the loon may even seek glory at the Idiotarod (not to be confused with the Iditarod in Alaska.)

It’s brutally hard on sneakers.

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