We know we have a problem with weapons. There are too many and they are to easy to get. There is no point in trying to take them away from people. It may also be less than wise (they have the weapon, you don’t).

A solution is to provide an alternative. Such an alternative is becoming widely available and is, as yet, largely unregulated. The solution is not in the weapon aas much as it is in the ammunition. As they say, “guns don’t kill people, bullets do.” So let’s replace the bullets.

The ammunition illustrated above can be launched with various weapons, such as a cross-bow, a modified shotgun or it can be flung manually like a javelin. It captures your prey without killing it. Maybe a few bruises but nothing more serious. These come in various sizes to fit various existing weapons. They all use the same principle of adherence.

There is currently a bill working it’s way through congress that will go a long way in making these the ammunition of choice for local law enforcement.

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