Seth Godin

If you’re interested in marketing and general helpful information about thriving as a professional then chances are you are already well aware of Seth Godin and likely have visited his blog, Seth.blog.  It’s a quick daily read and always well worth it.

Seth’s blog is probably one of the most read blogs in the world and if you simply type “Seth” into Google, he often comes up first on the first page.  But Seth doesn’t knock himself out on social media.   He has a Facebook page, but the posts are simply links to his blog.

His intent isn’t to appeal to everyone.  He blogs his thoughts and does a podcast.  If you like the way he thinks, you will seek him out.  He won’t throw himself at you.

Lately I’ve been indulging in a lot of reading, especially about the impact of social media on our attention and culture in general.  While connecting people can be very positive, there is much that isn’t really that beneficial.

I find I’m pretty unlikely to surf these sites much, anymore.  I’m probably missing a lot, but I’m not missing it a lot.

Seth’s advice is to blog. Be who you are. Offer what you have to offer and if what you have is of value folks will find you.

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