Trooper Tuber

MICHAEL FLOOD - Trooper Tuber

Often it’s the simplest images that can be the most memorable and most fun.  Frequently though, it takes a higher level of skill, thought and imagination to create that simple image.  Think Apple.  Its advertisements are always clean, simple and effective.  That doesn’t happen by accident.

The image shown above by Michael Flood, is one of the 63 images that make up the Summer on the Delaware project on display in my studio this weekend.  Michael is a craftsman, an artist and a photographer and has been experimenting with these kinds of images for years.  When  saw this shot I reached out to him and asked him to submit it for the show.  It cracks me up.  I love the simple originality of it.  The Delaware is awash with tubers all summer so it’s only natural that a wayward storm trooper would want to relax for a spell, too.

The beauty of simple images is that they make an immediate impression.  The viewer does have to work to see what you are trying to show.  You don’t have to explain it in words or point out details that aren’t obvious.  It’s the tried & true K*I*S*S formula.

If you are looking for some fun at  small town festival, come visit Frenchtown this  Sunday for Riverfest and stop in at 34 Bridge Street for Summer on the Delaware exhibit.


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