It’s an art, a special martial art requiring mental focus as well as physical coordination. Unlike some martial arts that offer students techniques to hurt other people, to bruise them, break their bones and rattle their brain, fly kicking is strictly an internal art practiced to enhance one’s focus can coordination.

Fly kickers begin their train with floating feathers and progress to some of the larger, less agile flies, like those big horse flies that love to bite you in the head when swimming.

There are few Fly Kicker Masters from whom to learn and they are judicious in selecting students. A Fly Kicker Master can knock a fruit fly unconscious with a flick of her ankle. Iea eali see this chap down at the park in the morning with open jars of manure to attract his opponents.

He never kills the flies, just stuns them and put them in little beds to recover. More times than not, he misses but he perseveres.

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