It was curious to see a bike rider walking his rig down the road, flying both Old Glory and the stars and bars. (This was pre-maga.). So I stopped to learn more.

Clark told me he has been on the road for many years, travelling up and down the east coast as well as other parts of the country on his bike. Apparently he has mobile home up in New York and was on his was back there from Florida when I caught up with him.

He seems pretty self-sufficient and well adapted for travel. Being a road warrior is not for the soft. There is no cushy chair to sink into at the end of the day. No refrigerator, no bedroom.

He wrapped up the stars and bars before crossing the bridge into Frenchtown sensing that maybe this wasn’t a place that embraces southern pride. I made a quick trip to the food pantry to get some canned goods to fuel him on his journey. Plenty of dense food, meat and fish. I don’t remember if there was Spam.

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