Going to Camp

Zip Lining

BILL BROKAW SHOOTIN AT CAMP DEWITT ON LADDERFor some reason it always seem like I’m climbing ladders (or trees or fences or buildings) to get a little higher perspective on a shot.  This was the perfect angle to get some zip-line photos for the Girl Scouts Heart of New Jersey (GSHNJ) at Camp DeWitt.  We didn’t have any trouble getting volunteers for this activity, one the kids’ favorites.

Shooting the camp activities for GSHNJ was fun and almost made me wish I was at camp myself.  There is a special feelings at Girl Scout camps.  There is an air of camaraderie and collaboration along with excitement and a lot of laughing.  They never slow down and seem to enjoy every minute being with each other. THe love and support they show each other is inspiring and a model for all of us.


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