TOMATL- The Swelling Fruit

Tomatoes, (tomatl in Nathuati) come to us from South and Central America where the Aztecs used them for bloody Tonantzins. They were also used to rate performances. A zero rating was the best. The rating was based on how many tomatl were thrown at the performers.

Tomatoes are a fruit, a berry, a juicy berry at that. You can mash it up and drink it. Sometimes with vodka. But noooooo. Americans call it a vegetable because it is served with meals. Americans are botanically illiterate. In 1893 the Supreme Court declared that it shall be classified as a vegetable to settle tariff disputes. Veggies were taxed but fruit weren’t.

Obviously the Supreme judges are botanically ignorant, too, but apparently like tariffs. We need more botanists on the bench. They also decided corporations are people. These people need some science courses.

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