The Artists & Makers Portrait Project



This project is about producing a portfolio of original, black & white, film-based portraits of regional artists and makers to celebrate them and to raise their profiles.  

The photos are shot on medium format B&W  film using natural light and hand developed using eco friendly solutions.

Every day the light is different  Sometimes bright and contrasty and sometimes soft and subdued.  Where each artist sits or stands in relation to the light determines how it plays across their face, creating shadows and highlights and offering a unique and interesting look.

Each portrait session is limited to one roll of 12 exposure film.  Everything is manual from measuring the light to focusing the lens, triggering the shutter and processing the film.

It is a deliberative process.


After completing the B&W portraits, the artists are invited to have a little photo fun.  We shift from the film and natural light to digital photos using studio strobes.

This is when we can play and experiment, trying different poses, different looks and sometimes different outfits or props.

The key is to not take it too seriously. And when we don't, we get great photos.  

The portraits are being exhibited at the South Harrison Street Outdoor Gallery in groups of 24.  (I call them "waves.")  Twenty-four (24) is a magic number.  It's the number of 8x10 photos  I can fit on my display board.

Four waves and a book are planned. The Second Wave opens August 1st and the Third Wave is underway.

The Artists & MAkers Portrait Project Display Board

The South Harrison Street Outdoor Gallery is located in Frenchtown, just off Bridge Street, next to the Eddy Building where my studio, Brokaw Photography is located.  It is diagonally across from the big white TD Bank.  The Google address is 34 Bridge Street, Frenchtown, NJ 08825You can just ask it for directions. The exhibit is open 24/7,  dogs welcome, shoes & socks are optional.

If you are a working artist or maker and would like to be part of this project,  contact me at:   bill@brokawphoto.com

Second Wave Artists & Makers
Meet the Artists & Makers

The Artists & Makers Portrait Project by Bill Brokaw

First Wave Artists & Makers

The Artists & Makers Project by Bill Brokaw