The Artists & Makers Portrait Project

This project is about producing a portfolio of original, black & white, film-based portraits of regional artists and makers to celebrate them and raise their profiles.  

Artists and makers were invited to come to my studio in Frenchtown for a portrait session.   The photos were shot on medium format film using natural, window light and a simple dark gray background.

Every day the light is different (like the weather).  Sometimes it's bright and contrasty and sometimes soft and subdued.  Where each artist sits or stands in relation to the windows determines how the light plays across their face, creating shadows and highlights and offering a unique and interesting look.


Each session is limited to one 12 exposure roll of B&W film.  (I use Ilford HP5 rated at ISO 800 and developed in EcoPro).

Shooting film with a manual camera is a deliberative process.  The light needs to be measured with a hand held meter and the camera settings then clicked into place.  The lens needs to be precisely focused and the shutter released at just the right moment to capture the best expression.  You don't know for sure you've gotten the shot until after the film is developed.

Checking the wet negatives right after processing is always the moment of truth. Below are the "First Wave" of Artists & Makers.

This project is ongoing.  More waves are planned and working artists & makers are encouraged to be part of it.  (email me at Bill@BrokawPhoto.com).  

The Artists & Makers Project by Bill Brokaw

After shooting our B&W images, we stepped into my digital studio for some fun photos.  Artists & Makers are full to the brim with creative energy and a free form photo shoot is a great way to let the energy fly! 


The photos are being shown in phases (I call them "waves") as the portraits are produced.

The  First Wave is being exhibited during May 2021 at the South Harrison Street Outdoor Gallery in Frenchtown.   The gallery is located just off of Bridge Street next to the Eddy Building.  It is diagonally across from the big white TD Bank.  The Google address is 34 Bridge Street, Frenchtown, NJ 08825

Google knows about the gallery,l so just ask it how to get there.

Below are the First Wave Artists & Makers

Click on their names for links to websites or Facebook pages