It used to be easy, when hay bales were small. You could tuck them under a rock or cover them with a few leaves and no one would know you were there. Farmers in our area sometimes just covered them in Post It notes with mundane things like “water the poison ivy” or “pick up corn meal worms.” Day to day stuff you’d glance at and forget never realising there was a hay bale hidden under that valueless information.

But now, hay bales have been supersized. They is huge and it is so much more expensive to hide them. A market has developed for invisible tarps, which are not cheap. You’ve probably never seen one, (with good reason!) but they are widely used. I only managed to get this shot before the invisibility function was activated. I later went back to see if the hay bales were still there. I couldn’t find them, so maybe they were stolen after all.

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