One day I was gazing out my studio window overlooking the great metropolis of Frenchtown, when I saw a group of camera-wielding people scouring the streets looking for photos.

They were Nikonians, on a photo tour. Nikonian is an online community for Nikon users. I don’t know if there is an online community for Canon users. Would they be called Canononians?

These folks travel to distant and exotic places for the fun of taking photos together. I am not sure what brought them to the sleepy little Frenchtown. Maybe they were just stopping for coffee or to pee.

They found the River Mule, the most photographed location in town. I photographed them with an Olympus. I use Canons, too. And a Nikon. And a Hasselblad.

I’m an Canolympinonianablad.

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