You never know if you can believe that non-physical beings can communicate by talking through a physical being. I’ve read a few books that were reportedly written this way and am open minded about it.

After what I saw recently I’m convinced.

I stepped out of my studio one day and encountered Avery talking to Frank who was busy transcribing everything Avery said. Avery’s voice was a low, powerful baritone but he certainly did not look like he would have that kind of voice. I paused, he looked at me and in a deep friendly voice invited me to step over to say hello.

Frank who was transcribing introduced me to Avery and explained what they were doing, writing a book. However, Avery introduced himself as Jellaiton and told me he was a entity no longer focused in a physical body. He said Avery willingly allowed him to do this. Avery squawked and ruffled his feathers in agreement. It was entirely believable.

I asked what the book was about. He said it was a self-help book on organic lawn care. I don’t know why they were doing this in the parking lot.

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