Masking started slowly. Very early in the pandemic I saw someone in the city wearing one. At a certain point I decided I should wear one, too.

I’d never worn mask to go food shopping. The first time I did, I felt conspicuous. Very few other people were wearing one. Within a couple of weeks it became mandatory. No mask, no food shopping.

These photos are from April 30, 2020. Happy anniversary.

The number of people in the store was limited and shoppers queued up outside the store, leaning on their carts and checking their cell phones. Flashback to the gas lines of the seventies (except for the cell phones).

April 2020

Masks became a political hot button issue, which is absurd. Ridiculously absurd, but they work. If someone starts to cough or sneeze next to me they better be wearing a mask. I don’t want their virus laden snots. (Actually, I don’t want their unladen snots either.)

We are recovering. Many of us have been vaccinated and are unlikely to transit the virus. But we still need masks in public places because of the brain-muddled, misinformed, self-aggrandizing, conceited and Kool-Aid drunk percentage who are happy to be hosts and reproduction factories for the virus. Welcome to America, land of the proudly stupid.

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