It’s just a big black rock. So why is it in a temple and why do people worship it? I learned why –

The first time I visited, I took this photo. I swear that there was a hooded priest sitting in the vacant chair, but he/she did not come out in the photo. Maybe I should have used film. –

There was a strange but very pleasant vibe in the rock room. It felt warm, almost tingly. I could feel my muscles relax and my mind calm down. My eyelids started to droop but I didn’t feel sleepy. My heart slowed down and I felt light, almost like I was floating. –

I found myself smiling and slowly circling the stone in a graceful, rhythmic way to music I could hear in my head. I drifted into a dreamlike state and visions appeared offering wisdom and life guidance. –

When I closed my eyes, I felt like I was lifted into another dimension. When I opened them, I was suddenly outside the temple. No mind music and the visions had faded. What the hell? –

I hadn’t eaten any mushrooms, peyote, ayahuasca, LSD, MDMA, smoked herb, swallowed opiates, sniffed glue, injected horse or licked any toads (at least not the day I was there). I’ve returned many times and each time I had the same experience. –

It transformed me. I bought a hooded robe and I wear it all the time. I shave my entire body and paint my legs green. I live entirely on a diet of acorns and varnish. I, too now worship the black stone. –

If you’d like to visit the temple and experience what I’ve experienced, just let me know telepathically and I’ll think directions to you.

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