I thought it was just an overgrown garden.

It used to be a garden before the rift, when the moon was in retrograde and Sagittarius was aligned with Mars. Now it’s a step back in time

Lots of rifts tore open back then. You might even have one in your garage behind the old Christmas decorations.

I always thought that rifts in time could be very useful, especially if you are an investor. Find out what stocks go up then go back a few months and buy a shit load. You’ll be rich.

Seems like a good idea, except you can’t come back. Once you step into a rift, you will always be 6 months behind.

If you stand by the rift, you can see the future, but only the part of the future that is visible from the rift itself.

I stepped into a rift I found in my basement behind the hot water heater. Now I can see everything that happens in the basement six months from now. Not much changes.

I wish I found a different rift. Maybe one in Time Square or East Pickatoo, Illinois where the action is.

I thought about going to Time Square to find one I could step into. That would have taken me back another six months.

Unfortunately, the rifts hadn’t been torn six months ago so that couldn’t work.

This time space continuum stuff is complicated.

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