Frank used to be a masked vigilante.  He was a Zorro with a yellow mask, orange tights, a teal sash and a red do-rag. He carried a saber and he knew how to use it.

The authorities did not officially approve of his candle cutting and bad guy scaring but crime was almost non-existent because of him so they looked the other way.  What the hell, he saved them a ton of paperwork.

After a while there was no crime at all in the entire metro area.  He got bored and started going after people who didn’t pick up their dog’s poop and began making people floss.

He went from being a hero to being a prick.  Something snapped.  The first thing to go was the sash, then the do-rag and finally the mask (he still wears the tights, he says they’re comfortable).

He became salty and bitter.  When COVID hit he was one of the first people to attack mask mandates.  If he wasn’t going to wear a mask, no one was.  He began patrolling the streets looking for mask wearers, deftly cutting the ear loups with a flick of his saber.

His efforts were effective.  Pretty soon no one was wearing masks and several governors sought him out to lead maskless efforts in their states.

He is now serving as a Supreme Court justice in Florida.

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