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Google Views Of Brokaw Photography Photos


One of my business segments is being a certified Google Trusted photographer, trained and authorized to create virtual tours and publish them on the Google platform. As part of this program I also create and publish standard images of businesses, primarily architectural and product-oriented photos.

Periodically, Google gives me an update on how well my photos of my clients’ businesses are doing. I am always delighted to learn how many times they are viewed. The number of views per business range, of course, but the vast majority are over 1,000 with many my business photos receiving tens of thousands of views.

I’d love to take all the credit for all the views but a lot has to do with the popularity and locations of the businesses themselves. What is important to keep in mind is that people are looking and businesses need to ask themselves, “What are they seeing?”

The quality and content of your business photos are important. A well crafted image gets people’s interest and sends a positive message about you.

Everyone wants to have their business photos viewed. Having them viewed tens of thousands or millions of times will certainly brand you in the minds of the consuming public and raise their awareness of you and the services/products you offer.

Want to learn more about getting business photos published on Google? Contact me anytime, I am happy to offer advice and guidance.

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