Many people are eschewing petrochemical-powered machines in favor of old fashion carbohydrate-powered models. It’s becoming a common site to see someone using a push mower like they did in Little Rascal movies. They hardly work worth a crap, but they’re emission-guilt free.

I’ve also seen people using rakes instead of loud, annoying blowers. They wave their rakes back and forth, fanning their leaves into piles that they then soak in oil and burn. Sometimes they throw in a tire.

Motorized backyard gardening also is a big source of CO2, but there is hope. Back in the 1890s, young suburban mothers cultivated their gardens with baby plows and they’re making a comeback, too. My neighbor has one.

It’s become a bit of a status symbol, especially the old ones. If you are lucky you might find one in an antique store or you can steal one left in a driveway unattended.

If you steal one, please leave a note so the mother knows where to find the baby.

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